Ceramic artist.

“To me, art is a form of communication. I  use my work to immerse audiences in installations that trigger subconscious conversations; the very same conversations that run through my mind on a daily basis while living in a world where I don’t seem to fit. I’m able to pull anecdotes from these vastly different lives and explore the nuances of intersectionality.

Statement of Purpose:

In addition to my conceptual work, I’ve begun organizing a national collective of queer ceramicists looking to thrive in the atmospheric-firing community; which is currently reckoning with its reputation for systemically and historically having an unwelcoming, homogeneous, toxically masculine culture. The two main goals are to: 1. expand firing access to marginalized and underrepresented individuals, and 2. implement/ foster a safe identity conscious firing environment.”

Intersectionalities: AAPI, Disabled, Veteran, Nonbinary

Website: instagram.com/kilnboi

Email: Kilnboikyle@gmail.com